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Illustration by Rafael Anderson

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Woman of Wonders by The-Mirrorball-Man

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“Batgirl Begins Again” Runner-Ups via Project Rooftop

Daniel Heard put together this amazing ensemble that manages to combine both the old school cool of the Batman ‘66 bat-cowl with a Daft Punk futurism that really appeals to me - I like to hope the eye shapes have little animated bat ‘brows for when Barbara needs to look menacing or quizzical! ;) Not entirely sure about the bat sneakers, but the Oracle Drones put me at ease that I’d love to see more of this take on the character! :) 

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All New All Different X-men by Stefan Tosheff

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Wonder Woman ‘jumpsuit’ redesign by Bruce Timm

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Mark Brooks’s Tron variant for NEW AVENGERS #7.

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Black Widow (2010) #2

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Gotham Girls ♥

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Invincible Iron Man v1 #523 cover by Salvador Larroca

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Mary Turner 1918 Eight Months Pregnant
Mobs lynched Mary Turner on May 17, 1918 in Lowndes County, Georgia because she vowed to have those responsible for killing her husband arrested. Her husband was arrested in connection with the shooting and killing Hampton Smith, a white farmer for whom the couple had worked, and for wounding his wife. Sidney Johnson. a Black man, apparently killed Smith because he was tired of the farmer’s abuse. Unable to find Johnson. the killers lynched eight other Blacks Including Hayes Turner and his wife Mary. The mob hanged Mary by her feet, poured gasoline and oil on her and set fire to her body. One white man sliced her open and Mrs. Turner’s baby tumbled to the ground with a “little cry” and the mob stomped the baby to death and sprayed bullets into Mary Turner. (NAACP: Thirty Years of Lynching in the U.S. 1889-1918 )

I’m so fucking mad, so goddamn disgusted. Like I legit feel like crying, my body feels so fucked up just reading this, and that’s exactly why I need everyone to read this.

This is the type of treatment they want to go back to for us.

Hiding evidence, inciting riots as an excuse to shoot us, blatantly ignoring our humanity.

They try to block news and media so we forget, get complacent, apathetic and then when another black person is shot it gets to the point where even if it is commonplace, no change is going to happen, so what’s the use?

Man, when you see a police officer try to choke out a pregnant woman at a barbecue in New York for some bullshit reasoning it reminds me of this.

It reminds me of the fact that since I’m black my death can be justified by my blackness.

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I still can’t get over this picture. This dude is a real class act. He’s a champion. He’s steve nash on those 8 seconds or less team. He’s rondo, he’s dan marino, he instalocks support, he climbs trees to save kitties and fights crime. He’d take a bullet for you. This is levels of Drake drake himself could not achieve.


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“Thank you for your long tweet, and I’m sorry to reply with only one message to your three. As you wrote, I did not have enough consideration for those around me. I just wanted to show that otaku can be winners too and wanted to appeal to everyone, so I didn’t think about the possibility that my actions would make others feel uncomfortable. I’m deeply sorry.”


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listen you boutta have the thickest smoodie of all time, where is your liquid? your ice? weak ass aesthetics, try again

smh they leave the strawberry tops on… might as well leave the gotdam banana peels on

u can eat strawberry tops… & recent studies are showing banana peels are healthy n nutritious for u:…. The turntables

n im sure the outside of a coconut is mad high in fiber but im not bout ta eat woodchips cause of no govermence scienticians

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